Sunday, August 1, 2010

Healthy Shopping CAN Be EASY with the SuperMarket Smarty! -

The ULTIMATE Reusable Dry Erase Grocery List

Makes Healthy Shopping EASY!
Saves you time & money.
Plan meals in a snap!

The SuperMarket Smarty is more than just a grocery list. It organizes your foods into categories and room needs {ie. kitchen materials, bathroom cleaners etc} and even goes as far as organizign the fruits by color to maiximize your health benefits {for those who shop by the food chart, this is awesome}

I have been eyeing the Smarty for a few months now and I was super excited to be given the opportunity to review it.

Right away I noticed there is what they call a "label lens" on the front of the list. It looks like a little envelope window but far more benefitial. For those who like to read the fine print but find it hard, this little window is a magnifying glass {see video for demo}. The smarty is trimmed on the edges so you don't have to worry about the lamination coming apart. {smart thinkers}

Suggestions from the owners is to use their retractable and refillable {only $1.98 to refill} "Pentel Handy-Line S dry erase marker" which actually COMES WITH THE smarty. It says allow time to dry as well. Great news!! The pen does NOT stink like most of the dry erase markers {yes I smelled it lol}. I have a pen fetish so I noticed that right away and it does not take a long time to dry. It pretty much drys immediately!

It comes with a handy dry erase Meal Planner as well, which I didn't realize came with it and I have been desperately needing. I do not like making lists because with 3 small kids all paper becomes their coloring pages and I lose half my list and have to go by memory or re-write which is not eco-friendly. :(

I am trying to increase my savings with coupons and list making and decrease my stress as well making my way to becoming more of an eco-friendly thinker and this is perfect for both!

Right away I made a list of the things we needed and in my head I was mapping it out at my local grocery store. The smarty is right on target. I CAN'T WAIT TO GO GET GROCERIES! {crazy huh? lol}

Another thing that I love is that it has nutrition symbols. The symbols next to the item let you know whether it has good fats, fiber, potassium and other health benefits that we may not all know but need to look for

Check out all the great feature details here!

(click the image for more details)

Worried about losing your smarty? Have no fear! :D
It comes with a magnet clip to put it on your fridge!
Give one of the kiddos the duty of grabbing your smarty on the way out the door and you wont have any worries!

For only $9.99 {plus shipping} it is worth it!!
{The back of my smarty says its $12.99 so this is a $3 savings! }

Find SuperMarket Smarty


** I was not paid in cash form for this post. I did recieve a SUPERMARKET Smarty for my review and was under no obligations to give a positive review. The product itself did not alter my opinions.**

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