Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Angela Roy -


Goofy Angela (taken from MommyPR team page)
Happy Birthday Angela of

Today is Angela's birthday. She happened to land a FREE day at Disney Land TODAY so she wont be online but I still wanted to wish her a happy birthday.
Angela on her road trip to Disney with "Hubster" and kids!

 Last month her husband came back from being deployed in Iraq so thankfully she is enjoying the day with her husband as well! (Welcome home SGT. Roy)

Angelas joy's
Hubby, Kids, blogging and photography.

A little about Angela.
Location- Seattle/Tacoma Washington

Hello everyone! I am the Owner of Mommy PR. I have 2 daughters, ages 7 & 3. I have been married to my hero for 6 years now. We are a Military family. I am a true Nerd and a half .

I like to use exclamation points!, write as if i am talking to you directly, and love periwinkle blue text. I am a true mom blogger when it comes to my reviews. I am comical and someone who over uses “LOL” in my work. I can not spell 100% and i tend to forget my apostrophes. I am addicted to Facebook and Twitter and have been known to talk on the phone for hours about…nothing. I love using smileys and arrows –> . I am eccentric.

I am no professional even though i strive to present myself that way.

I support Etsy Moms, i have ambition and a brain full of ideas.

My heart belongs to shopping, which brings me full force back to my reviews. I am picky on customer service and i take that highly into consideration in everything i do.

Basically, My work….resembles ME.

I review photography items, bath & body, clothing, children’s toys, travel destinations, electronics, some sporting equipment (more Dawn & Megan’s area), food, housewares and computer accessories. However i am open to anything except adult items.

If it helps, I am neither Team Jacob or Team Edward. I heart both.

Ps- I ran my spell check, forgot to capital my “I’s”, and just a heads up, I’m no size 5.

Angela all dolled up awaiting the arrival of her hubby!!

Angela is an amazing person! So let's all wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


** I was not paid in any form for this post. **


  1. Best wishes for a Happy Birthday Angela!

    Hope you have a wonderful vacation with your family!!!
    Love ya, girl!!!

  3. Nice post Tara! Happy Birthday Ang :)

  4. Im going to smack you woman LOL.
    thank you :)


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