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COOL, Stylish Cup Sleeve Review & Discount!-


We're two Australian girls living in the same suburb of San Francisco that met through our husbands, and became fast friends.
The first day we caught up for a coffee we realised that we both carried around a recycled cardboard sleeve, the one you put on take away cups that everyone throws away after one use. We couldn't bear the thought of so much waste! This sparked the thought of creating an environmentally friendly alternative that also looked funky & stylish.
Being Australians, the first fabric that came to mind was sheepskin, but it had to be an animal friendly alternative. Once we found the perfect fabric, we bought our first sewing machine and the living room became a workshop. SNUGGMUGGs were born. From there, a whole range of SNUGG products naturally evolved, creating our SNUGGSTUFF company that you see today.
Thanks for supporting us and we hope you enjoy your SNUGGSTUFF as much as we enjoy making it!
Bettina & Julia
(Beezie & Jules)

Thank you Erica for being my SNUGGMUGG model

I received the Pink Snugg as you see pictured above. I was super excited to have received it the day that I did. I was meeting up with a friend of mine and her kids at a local childrens restaraunt {to "work") and was so excited to be able to show her what I do and share the product with her.

She is pretty crafty herself and we both noticed right away the high quality of the product. It's far from your typical cup cover and definately goes beyond quality of what you see in the pictures.

It is definately super soft and does do its job!

The basic SNUGGMUGG's are $8 available in pink, tan and cream.
Pre-printed SNUGGMUGG is $10 and
customized SNUGGMUGG is $15.

All of which are well worth their value being that it is washable and customization makes any product 10 times better and more personal!

"We wanted to make a cool, stylish cup sleeve that people would carry with them and use again and again..."

Made of super-soft faux sheepskin, SNUGGMUGG is a reusable coffee cup sleeve or coffee cozie that wraps around your cup, protecting your hand from the heat or cold of your drink. It folds up small to fit easily in your handbag or pocket. Now you can always have an environmentally friendly alternative to the cardboard sleeve on hand. It fastens with velcro and fits most sizes of hot and cold takeout cups. There's no need to worry about spills and stains as SNUGGMUGGs are machine washable.

They have other great items you can check out as well at

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** I was not paid in cash form for this post. I did recieve product for the purpose of this review and the product itself did not alter my opinions of my review. I was under no obligation to give a positive review. pictures and product details provided by **

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