Friday, December 4, 2009

About Me

I am a full time, stay at home, work at home, Christian mom who loves photography, writing, reading, crafts, cleaning, designing, educating myself and helping others when I can. Born and raised Texan.

I became a stay at home mom from delivery! I was working in child care prior to having him (with only a 2 day pre-break) and decided to bring my profession home with me so I could stay with my baby...
In my spare time I started designing as a hobby and then it slowly turned into my self taught profession... I love helping work at home mom's begin or redesign their business with professional style! Being a part of a new beginning is so much fun!

A Miracle Creation offers business and personal designs for any occasion for an affordable cost.

Now on a more personal note..... Working from home, now a mom of 3, childcare for little ones you tend to not get the weight off as fast as you did with your first... my daughter required tons of attention and 3 months into her life my oldest son was diagnosed with epilepsy which required even more attention and sit down time as a nursing mom and one who needed special care until we learned all the details.

My kiddos are Desmond II ( 4-3-05) headed to kindergarten , Taylor (9-29-06) is a divaful and preparing her courage for the upcoming school year and Jordan (6-1-08) is soaking it all in and getting ready for potty training....

With my oldest having a low immune system we tend to be inside more often than I like.. My weight was picking up, or just not going away after my 2nd and third.... So I decided I really wanted to do something about it.. As much as I could manage.......

One night I happened to be hosting a fundraiser chat for a friend of mine and was approached by someone in the chat who offered to buy my distributor kit for It Works! So because it offered weight loss products and I would get 8 of their signature products, The Ultimate Body applicator, which resulted in inch loss, fat loss, scar, stretch mark and cellulite reduction in just 45 minutes, I said A-OK....

I joined march 2nd.... wrapped 4 times and lost 4 PANT SIZES!!! I have now used a total of 7 to reduce scars, stertch marks, cellulite, tighten, tone and firm my skin, as well as going from a size 14 to a 10........

This business has been amazing and the products are just as great!!

When I find something I try my best to share it with the whole world! I love great finds so if you have one let me know about it!

Recently I became National Director of a wickless candle company, myScentEssence. This has been a wonderful experience and I am super excited to be working with the owner.


  1. I like your blog and I'm now a follower on gfc as well as fb. Please check out my blog as well at

  2. I am not yet a mother, but your blog is interesting and fun! :)

  3. Thanks LaQuisha.. This is definately not a mom blog though. It's for everyone! :D


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