Friday, April 19, 2013

Dear Mattel: Girls of Color Have Birthdays Too!

Recently I received an email from Lifetime Moms about mom Karen from NY,NY who was petitioning Mattel on for party supplies to feature girls of color. I anxiously clicked through hoping to see a successful response from Mattel. 

My daughter who turned 6 in September had the same request that Karen's daughter did for party supplies.   "I want brown princesses, because I'm not peach.." 

My daughters party was a successful princess party that we all truly enjoyed. 
Luckily we were able to get an individual cake that featured Tiana but luck ran out when we we were unable to find any party supplies (plates, napkins etc) that were strictly any princess/barbie of color!

My daughter loves all the Barbies and Princess' that are available today but as a mother that searched every store we could for almost two months in advance, I would have loved to be able to deliver that for her! 

FACEBOOK: Dear Mattel: Girls of Color Have Birthdays Too!
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Read the Lifetime Moms article here!

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  1. This is an issue we’ve often talked about. As my daughter was growing I had a personal relationship with the store clerks at major retailers, so I would know what day vendors delivered so I could get the only African American set that came in the 20 or so sets of bedroom furniture, comforters, paper products, etc. I am really proud of this mom for doing what she’s done!

  2. Beautiful pics of your daughters birthday! So glad you were able to find some of what you needed - but you're right! You should have been able to find plenty of options.

  3. Such beautiful pictures, I love Tiana too.

    Fan R (Teddy Out Ready)


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