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Father's Day: Brut Revolution Review l Mommypr

BRUT is a men’s grooming collection of easy to wear products designed to complement a man’s natural scent.  The line consists of all men’s essentials, including deodorant and antiperspirant, shave gel, shave cream, aftershave and the renowned BRUT Cologne Original Fragrance.  BRUT is fresh, masculine and ideal for every style and personality.*

I recently received the BRUT Revolution Spray Cologne and the BRUT Revolution Aftershave for review.  My husband was thrilled to finally see something that he gets to try out!  I handed the two bottles over to him and told him to let me know how he liked them.  After a few days he had not said anything yet, so I asked him if he liked the  scent.  That’s when he said “Well I remember what BRUT smells like from when I was younger… so I haven’t opened them yet.”
Apparently the past year of watching me thoroughly try out new products has not trained him at all! I told him that he has to actually try them out and then give me some words to work with in my review.  Come to find out BRUT Revolution is not the BRUT of our “younger years”  in fact the scent is completely different from the classic BRUT that we both remember.
Our Thoughts: I would describe BRUT Revolution as a nice light woodsy sort of peppery scent.  For people (like me) that don’t like overwhelming scents, you will like the way this fades to just leave a lite scent fairly quickly.  I really liked this because the one my husband usually wears has me scooting out of the room for about 30 to 60 minutes before it has faded to a level that I can enjoy.  I have searched everywhere and cannot find the ingredient list.  This may have been included in the package, but could have been discarded by my husband (he doesn’t remember).   I was pleasantly surprised that I like the BRUT Revolution and so does my hubby AND very importantly – it does not give me a headache like many perfumes and colognes seem to do!  I absolutely love the packaging and the bottles look beautiful sitting on my husbands bathroom counter!

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Buy it: At about $27 for both the after shave and cologne, I would say this would make a great Father’s Day gift from the kids!  You can find BRUT Revolution at or as well as several retail locations.
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