Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gotta love the Wyndsong! - Featured Post

   Hi, My name is Christine Wyndsong. This is my blog where I write about everything. And I do mean everything. I have a lot of opinions about parenting, education, the government, stupid people, celebrities, books, movies, TV and life in general. I once had a teacher tell me I was too opinionated, cuz I had an opinion about everything. This was when I was 16… it only got worse from there!

On this blog you will find Reviews, Contests and Links to her favorite sites but that's not all! :) Christine shares a lot of other goodies that you just might find helpful in one area or another.

Be sure to meet her family while you are on the blog as well.

You can find her on twitter, facebook and a few other sites!

So stop by, give her a follow and tell her you were sent by A Creation Of Miracles (Tara)


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