Friday, June 11, 2010

BrewBerry, myScentEssence Scent is AMAZING!


Located in the Heart of the USA! Kansas City, Missouri.
myScentEssence takes pride in offering affordable Non-Toxic Home Fragrances! We manufacture our products in small batches, by hand, which we believe allows the fragrance to penetrate the wax to it's full capacity. Creating our highly scented ScentBeads, ScentDomes, ScentShakes and Tealights.
Experience the Spirit of Aroma!
No Flame, No Soot, Just Scent.

BrewBerry Scent, what's that?? Well let me tell ya, it's amazing!! Initially I was thinking it would be more of a simple berry scent. It is far from that! Brewberry is a WONDERFUL mixture of bubblie blackberries and woodsy musk. It has a sweet cabin type smell and it's just great!! It is one of my new favorite scents!
I personally tried the BrewBerry ScentDome which is WAY bigger than the image shows (super happy) and this scent is also available in 2oz ScentShake bag , 5oz ScentShake jar , ScentDomes and Tealights.
What is a ScentShake?
ScentShakes are wax potpurri's in the shape of hearts and dots. Available in 2 oz bags and 5 oz jars.
What is a ScentDome?
Refillable wickless candles. Each ScentDome order comes with 2 domes and 2 refills. Each refill is .5oz. The image does NOT do it justice.
What is a tealight?
Mini circle candles. For all the individuals that can't give up the wick. Light 2 tealights and experience a little non-toxic aroma ambience. Sold by the dozen. FREE glass tealight holder with every dozen ordered


Any size order, use code "momof3" at
checkout for 15% OFF!

 ** I was not paid in any fashion for this post. All of the views expressed in this post are my own.**

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