Friday, June 11, 2010

My {Kids} FIRST Video Post

Well, as you can see my kids are BIG HAMS! My boys love to see themselves and my daughter just likes the spotlight {she's a major D.I.V.A, but that's a whole 'nother story }.
I have more videos uploaded on my facebook if you wanna see.
So recently I got a new ACER laptop from RentACenter (if you are in the fort worth area let me know, I can connect you with a great person at a local store). This laptop has a built in webcam but not built in mic. SOOO, that was a little upsetting when I tried to do a video but I improvised and plugged in my old webcam which had a built-in mic.
As you can see in the videos my kiddos shared their songs and their "love" for one another while fighting over the "mic".
I hope you like my video :) If you have video posts of your kids please feel free to link me to them so I can see :D
 Desmond - 5 and in his boxers lol, Taylor - 3, miss crazy hair and Jordan 2 (as of 6/1 yyeaaa) in his diaper)
Longer videos on my facebook :D More to come!
ACER if you would like to upgrade my laptop or send me one to review/giveaway I wouldn't mind ;) I am a great promoter and I promise to share all the info I can on your product to help increase your sales ;) is my email FYI ;)

 ** I was not paid in any fashion for this post. This video is an embedd url from my account on **

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