Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pampers Cruisers Review

 PAMPERS Cruisers Diapers

A diaper designed for newly active to walking babies (5 to 48 months old)
Go Baby Grips for non-stop fit
Super-stretchy sides give the diaper a snug fit for sitting, crawling and walking
Available in size 3-7 for weights of 16-41+

A Mom of three has never-ending diaper duties.. Or so it seems lol I have a 4 year old boy, 3 year old girl and 20 month old boy... With both my boys I have tried cloth diapering. With my youngest I did it most of his life after the major peeing stage (about 4 months). It got to be too much of a hassle yet the store brand diapers that an on-a-budget Mom would buy just don't cut it either.

I was approached by The Glamorous WAHM to take on one of her reviews because she doesn't have kiddos in diapers and OF COURSE I said YES!!! (DUH, lol)

I alternated his diapers from the store brand to the Pampers Cruisers for the last few days. One time Pampers and one time store brand. I was not liking the store brand turn but I wanted to do more then one "study" to see how they differed. Well needless to say, all day today HE IS IN PAMPERS CRUISERS. I am gonna have to break down and work my coupons and watch those sales because these diapers are great!
At first glance the diaper seems super thin and I'm seriously thinking what a joke. "There is no way something this thin will hold all his pee!" I WAS WRONG! Some how they managed to work some magic in these things and they are SUPER absorbant and smell good too (soft baby powder scent).

They have a bit of elastic in them and are just they perfect fit.. I have to repeat, lol, I seriously do NOT see how this thin diaper holds the pee. I give the Pampers Cruisers a "two thumbs up" and "5 stars" award ;)
FYI, I have tried the Pampers swaddlers ( preemie and newborn) diapers and I absolutely loved those too. Looks like Pampers has my vote all the way around now!

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More about the diapers I reviewed:

  • Pampers Stages - Cruisers Dry Max JUMBO Pack

  • 31 - Size 3 Diapers/ 16-28 lb

  • 123 Sesame Street Characters

  • Contact 1-800-PAMPERS (726-7377)  - Contact customer service and request coupons in the mail today!



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