Saturday, February 20, 2010

FREE TacoBell Fresco Taco

Ok, first off that awesome drink, Baja Blast, was made exclusively for Taco Bell or so says this tweet @TacoBell .. I'm not much of a soda person but I love lemonade. After I tried this drink out I think I have a new favorite.. It has a lemonade fruity/citrus twang plus carbonation.. Its great!

Ok so on to the FREEEEEE Fresco Taco.. @TacoBell also posted that this offer is good til 2/24. You get a choice of Chicken, Beef or Steak. I made a drivethru at taco bell the other day and tried this taco (chicken) actually. ITS GREAATTT!!!!

Print your coupon at

You can also win a year of free Fresco Tacos with your 2009 resolution.. Check it out!


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