Monday, February 22, 2010

Dallas Morning News, Helping College Students

Four Sundays ago a college student at TCC knocked at my door. Living across the street from the community college I get lots of knocks so this wasn't shocking lol.. He was polite, professional and made sure I understood all the he was explaining.
For 4 Sundays I would receive a Dallas Morning Newspaper at my door step if I could donate a $12 deliver fee that would be paid to the students..  At first I was thinking, I am a small city local to Dallas but not close enough that I want all their news. But then I was battling my thoughts of not doing something to help the college students earn some income! So I gave in!
Now it was perfect timing for my urge to "coupon" but it was also perfect timing for them to get cash out of me because my tax return hit the day before lol.. So I agreed to 4 deliveries and a payment of $12..

Every Sunday (until this last Sunday) I got a paper in a little red bag at my door. I got all the coupons, my kids got the cartoons and the man of the house got the classifieds and I saved a few articles to blog about.
Worked out pretty good.. Every paper that came took away a bit of my thoughts of over spending on a paper that I can get one of the many days im at Walmart..  Plus the fact that I ended up saving $4 and got two free burgers from the coupons I used. :D

Today I got something in the mail and immediately I felt a credit card inside.. Normally I just take my scissors to the card and toss it (unless it's a department store :D). But this time I looked.. Inside was a $20 visa gift card from the Dallas Morning news :) So not only did I have the privelidge of helping some college students get a bit of cash but I actually had a paper delivered on routine 4 times, saved money, got FREE food and made $8 off my donation :D
God eased my donation and then I was paid back with a profit! How super cool is that!!

So for those who like to help but feel a little weary or may feel they don't have the extra money that moment. I say it's completely worth it! I'll be a student there soon and I hope others care enough to help their community then too :D


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