Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Come Home Soon My Hero - Dedicated to SGT Roy and SPC Tanguay

Many Heros Away.
Wishing my Hero could stay.
Our hearts are torn, yet maintaining strength for our troops.
For they shall return very soon to their U.S. coop.
Many Heros Away.
Just wishing our Hero could stay.
Overseas no more.
My heart couldnt get any more poor.
We all love and miss you.
Please Come Home Soon My Hero.
- By Tara Todd
12:30 am

Many Heros Away.. Quite a few heros I knew. I have had friends, family and friends of friends or spouses of my friends travel in war.. Every time I hear of yet again another Hero leave the U.S. coop it breaks my heart! But I know with faith and God on our side they will return home soon...

I was contemplating on what my first post for my birthday might be.. Then shortly after 12 Angela Roy shared a letter with me that she wrote to thanking them for their TWO custom Hug A Hero dolls. I knew right then, there could be no better post then this.
Angela Roy and Tina Tanguay of have a Hero Away..
Angela's hubby has been deployed since mid-2009 and due back mid-2010.
Tina's hubby was deployed today and due back mid-2010 as well.
Please keep their familys in your prayers and stop by Angela's blog post to read about the Hug A Hero Daddy Dolls Review..


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  1. Thank you so much! you are always the 1st one to be there for us emotionally. You are a great friend and im glad i got 2 know you. Thank you so much for all your support!

  2. No problem!!! Your hero is my hero too! :) I'll keep them both in my prayers for a safe and spunky return!


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