Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year, 20ll

So it's that time again!!! New Year, New Way and some of us a New You! For me it's all three!
Life throws you curve balls and I am here to take a hit!
It's a brand 'New Year', 20ll, 'New Ways' are here to stay thanks to Life Church and I am working on a 'New You' thanks to HCG Drops!
I am starting out today saying I will make some changes and as hard as it is I am holding myself accountable through my blog lol...
My house is in an organized chaotic mess, thanks to recent stress (why do I keep rhyming lol), potty training in process, new medication, new routines and new body!
No I am not taking pictures at this moment, gotta gather the guts to do that. lol So here are some of my top 5's good and bad :)

Top 5Bad (Things to change-I figured get the bad out first :D )
1. Gotta Potty Train
2. I weigh 18.....8
3. Gotta get organized
4. Gotta fix the headliner in my van and DESPERATELY need to clean the carpets of my van {lol - the life of a mommy.}
5. Gotta work out a better schedule now that im working :(
Top 5 Good ( Things to come)
1. Using HCG Drops for weight loss and working healthy skin and smile :D
2. I have lots of trash bags, thank goodness, lots of stuff to get rid of lol
3. Life is working out the kinks. I have a new Job at Casual Male XL.. Come see me if you are local to the Hurst location :D
4. Last year I became a blogger at Mommy PR. Be sure to come follow us there.
5. Tax return is on the way, wooohooooooo, and I can't wait to prepay some bills, pay off my medical bills and FILL UP THE GAS TANK! :D The small things in life lol

Top 5 Blogs (My overall favorites of the year)
  1. Mommy PR - I was a big reader and now im a blogger. FOLLOWING IS A MUST! Please :)
  2. Clueless Mama, Guessing All The Way - Laurie is such an awesome person. She has some of the funniest reviews, greatest giveaways and other odds and ends in between.
  3. Miracle Momas - Sheri offers many services for moms in the business world or looking for great specials. Check her out!
  4. Army Wife 101 - Krystel shares many in's and out's of military life and even includes some humor in the matter. She also offers reviews and giveaways for her readers! If you are a military wife you gotta see this blogger :)
  5. Jenny On The Spot - HILLARIOUS, Creative, fun and more. She is a great blogger due to personality as well as awesome reviews, giveaways, articles and more!! YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT HER YOUTUBE CHANNEL!


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  1. AWESOME!!! I am so happy to see you getting things straightened out. Goals are good girl. I got mine set but decided to keep it a month at time so maybe I won't give up so easily lol.


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