Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Maintaining a Healthy Kitchen -

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Camerons Paper towel holder will add a touch of elegance to all of your clean-up tasks in sparkling Stainless Steel. Equiped with a non-skip rubber base to ensure that when you need just one, you get just one. Will hold toilet paper rolls and jumbo paper towel rolls too!

•Stainless Steel finish
•Non-skid rubber base
•Center post locates roll
•Will accept jumbo rolls and toilet paper
Camerons cookware began with the stovetop smoker so that customers could enjoy the BBQ flavor in cooking indoors. Camerons now offers 10 flavors of wood, so the flavor variation is terrific. Allowing people the cookware to prepare meals that are healthy, fat free and easy is one of Camerons' top priorities.

Camerons' stock pots, smokers, beeroasters and roasters are made of high quality stainless steel and most come with a rack. All cookware has a way of letting the fat drain out of the food while infusing a great taste and keeping it moist. The new Camerons BBQ items will infuse the smoky flavor into all food products in a short time using a gas or charcoal BBQ or camp fire. The Camerons Smoker Bags can be very successfully used in the oven for a quick, no cleanup meal. The Camerons Smoker Bags can also be filled with your food and frozen to be used when camping.

I have always seen stainless steel as being HIGH-end and expensive no matter what the product was. I love the "kid-friendly" options that stainless steel provides and the fact that its so much cleaner helps you maintain a healthy kitchen, bathroom and where ever else use it.

Paper towels are one of my favorite things. I have been trying to use ragsmore because its better on the environment then a paper towel would be. But I ofcourse still use paper towels.

I have a germ phobia with my kitchen and bathroom. I hide my paper towels so that bacteria doesn't end up on them and then I clean with dirty paper towels. So when given the opportunity to review some products at I ofcourse looked for stainless steel paper towel holder.

This one is a GREAT quality and far more affordable then the majority of stainless steel products I have seen. The camerons paper towel holder is very sturdy, sleek and I swear I can't get a finger print on this thing if I tried and I DID try, about a million times lol

Fast shipping, great price and just the right touch for your kitchen!

** I was not paid in cash form for this post. I did receive product to keep in exchange for this review. The product itself did not alter my opinions in this post.**

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