Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Everyday Home Needs Review for CSNStores.com

I had an opportunity to review some product from CSNStores.com

I love that my money seems to be able to stretch at CSN and I am able to buy multiple things for gifts, home and extra stock (preparedness is my thing lol)
My last ordered had 13 items included:
Radnor Natural Medium Weight Polyester/Cotton String Gloves With Knit Wrist And Single Side Black PVC Dot Coating 
Only $.47 a pair and  FREE Shipping!
They are exactly as described (medium weight and durable dots on the fronts of each glove)
I got 3 of these to keep and give as gifts.
 Radnor Large Blue 12" Flock Lined 18 MIL Textured Palm Natural Latex Glove - 64057827
Only $.65 per pair and FREE Shipping!
Oddly enough, this was one of my favorite things in this order lol. These gloves can get pretty expensive at the local department store. You might be used to seeing yellow, my favorite color is blue, so I thought the blue was  perfectly for ME! :D And the price is unbeatable. They could be easily compared to the typical dish washing gloves we have seen for many years! I got 5! :D

$3.99 plus Shipping.

This was a great idea, but the complications of trying to get it on smoothly are not quite my thing lol. The image implies its easy, not so much. I had a friend who did professional window tinting and I felt the need to give him a call so I could borrow some tools or expertise advice lol.
I am regifting this one because its too complicated for me.
(Picture on the right - Window #2, atleast the 5th try)

$15.99 and shipping is provided in the cart at check out (not bad price at all)
This was my ultimate GOTTA HAVE item in this order.  The description  of this product is slightly off from what I personally observed but it is a great quality product that I suggest all the spice lovers get.  On the link above, scroll down just under the main image and you will find other suggested products which include a bigger quantity of this product.

Maximize space and reduce clutter! Only design available where you can store spices on both top and bottom of spice rack, keeping your spices close at hand and out of the way. Set includes 6 canisters with a clear viewing window for ease of spice identification!
•Unique space saving design - YES
•Holds up to 1.75 oz. each  - YES
•Airtight to preserve freshness - YES
•Easy one handed operation - YES!!
•Three settings: closed, sprinkle, and pour - THE COOLEST!!!
•Easy to view window - YES!

•7.5" H x 7.25" W x 3" D  - YES! Perfect size
•Stainless steel accent - I am not sure what the "accent" means. It does appear to be stainless steel but it is a gritty material rather than the typical sleek stainless steel material. Still a great item just not exactly what I was expecting.

 I ordered a total of 13 items and and received a total of 6 boxes and delivered on 4 different days....
That was a little frustrating but it was all delivered within a decent time.But lets just say my mom has packaging, boxing mateials and she is happy lol 
I did get two other items but those are for my kids who are watching  me type so I can't share pictures.. (White index cards for flashcards and white gloves for finger puppets. Both are expected and they would flip if they saw the pictures again lol)
 Overall I was satisfied with my order. I just wish the shipping was better and packaging was better.

** I was not paid in cash form for this post. I did receive product in exchange for a review. I was not required to give a positive review.**

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