Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mama Never Told Me Review - Emily Van Do


You know my "Mama Never Told Me" either... So not cool...  But who could blame mom for not wanting to tell all the crazy things people say and do to a pregnant woman during the 9 months of discomfort, swelling and all the other body changes??
YES, my belly, boobs, butt, hips, thighs and even my cankles grew in size but could you be any nicer to tell me so?

I know you have had someone say one of these crazy things to you during your pregnancy. If not you are one of the lucky preggers who was blessed with nice friends, family and strangers. LOL

I remember someone telling me my ankles were swollen when I was pregnant. I was working at a daycare at the time, it was about 2pm (AFTER a 7 hour shift so far) and all the kids were surrounding us waiting to go out for play time.  Two other teachers and one other parent was right there and she just says "Wow girl, your ankles are really swollen." This happened to be the one day that I DID swell up more obvious than the rest of my pregnancy

 ( Just so happened to be the same day I had to go get a new ID because I lost my wallet.. UGH pregnancy brain.
ID pictured to prove my swelling lol )

 but being a "thick" mama I replied with "Actually they aren't. Thats the normal size of my ankles".
Now, it was horrible for me to admit my ankles were normal size when they were actually doubled but the look on her face and the well-deserved apology I got from her was PRICELESS!! I would do it again and you should too lol

This is just ONE episode of the crazy things people said to me while pregnant with one of my 3 kiddos... You should see the things Emily had posed to her while being a working, pregnant mom.

This book is a GREAT read for the pregnant mom who needs to find the humor in the mean things we hear.


** I was not paid in any fashion for this post. I do have a free copy of the book from a past giveaway. **

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