Friday, May 21, 2010

MyScentEssence Blogger Review Opportuntity

ScentEssence offers high quality non-toxic fragrance oil and 100% Natural Palm Wax. All of the aromas are hand mixed and my most favorite thing is that the scent shakes are shaped into hearts and dots. Why you ask? Connie, the Founder and COO of the company says this is her way of giving hugs, kisses and thank you's to her amazing customers.

The story behind my connection:
I am kind-of a hard one to "reel" in when it comes to things like this just because I typically like the natural clean smells of household cleaners in my home. Call me crazy OCD but thats just my thing. Also I'm very picky about non-toxic products and tend to be allergic to perfumes.
Well I was presented the opportunity to review for My ScentEssence a few months ago. A little hesitant because of my allergies I accepted.
Long story short, I ended up being an advisor and I am a die-hard fan now!
Since then I have become the National Director (YEAAAAA!) and being a blogger myself I have a huge passion for spreading the word of great products to other bloggers!
We have called out the big dogs to help find us some great bloggers.
So Mommy PR, our big dog, is helping us out with that.
My ScentEssence will be choosing one new blogger every two weeks through the end of the year to post a 2 week review and giveaway.
# of bloggers accepted: 16
Each blogger will have the choice of 1 warmer by type: Electric, Plug-In, Sculptured or Touch Aroma Lamp as well as the choice of two - 2oz ScentShakes.
All that is asked is that you give your honest opinion and post at least one picture of the product you received.
To become a MyScentEssence Reviewer please fill out the application at the following link. Click here to apply.
My ScentEssence twitter is
My ScentEssence facebook is
For further questions please feel free to email

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  1. I've applied! Sounds great. I'm interested because I love all the wonderful smells of nice candles and what not but am allergic to so many, it's hard for me to find something good like that. Since you had the same concern, I have hope! LOL!

  2. How awesome!!! If I wasn't with Scentsy I would take you up on this LOL. Well I tagged you in a Meme hope you will come by and have a look


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