Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Creators Palette by Melanie Pruitt

Melanie has one amazing list of talents, skills and the story of her journey and the struggles she has overcome and still deals with have put me in awe. So prepare for your jaw to drop and tears to fill your eyes as I share a glimpse into her world!

Note: Typically my featured posts share someones business and their products but this one is going to be more indepth, SHE DESERVES IT and so does her family. I "met" Melanie through The Ultimate Blog Party blog hop, she actually came to my UBP post and left a comment and even shared my blog. So as promised I am writing her featured post and I am so excited to do so. Sharing your love for God in your blog is not commonly seen (which is why I started this one), she rocks it!

Melanie was a creative arts dancer and when she came down with chronic illness, she shifted her talents to focus on her wonderful painting skills. Since April 5th, 2007 she has been blogging her Journey.

I'll be sharing thoughts about living life with a chronic illness, my physical and spiritual journey, and my art.

Melanie's welcome post and the In Memory... post,  which happen to be her very first posts, immediately show the wonderful life her blog has. She introduced you to many aspects of her life. Family, Illness, Art and God.

Just a few of my favorite posts at Melanies Journey Blog
(the reopening of her CafePress Store)
Ballet Art

Please stop by and visit the many sites Melanie has and be sure to follow her on twitter and facebook.


** I was not paid in any fashion for this post. **


  1. Wow - what a gift to wake up to this morning! Thank you Tara for this post and for you very kind words - you don't know how much they mean to me today!
    HUGE HUGS - Melanie

  2. I am excited myself to have done this post. You are a great lady and you have lots of good things that need to be shared! :D


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