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Wine Types,What's your favorite? - Wine For Dummies

I recently picked up quite a few "dummies" books because they were cheap for one lol, but also because they included MANY different varieties of topics.. One book stood out above all though..
Wine For Dummies
That's meeee! :D
I occassionaly like to have a glass of wine at family occassions. During times like Christmas, New Years and Thanksgiving a bottle of wine may appear... I have always thought that wine of just about any flavor that I have smelt, has smelt GREAT. But when I would try them they were umm, not-so-great .. YUCK! With that said I know that among many of my online woman friends Wine is a big topic of interest. So I'm doing my research..
What is wine? Grapes.
Now for most, or me atleast, that's as far as my thought goes.. I love grapes and I think that may be where my interest is drawn lol.
Within this book there is a chapter called:
What Color Is Your Appetite?
{By the way there are some great details for each wine category, which I will get into on another post.}
Now this is probably the most interesting part of the book for me. Here is what I have gathered. {This explains some of the many wine confusions ;) }
White Wine "The Bubbly"- Suprisingly, {or not for the wine drinkers} white wine is NOT always white, if ever. Typically it is yellow but "White Wine" also includes White Zinfandel {my fav. so far, affordable at your local super center ;) } which is a pink wine. The white wine category also includes yellow, golden and other wines that are as pale as water. This type of wine is popular during hot weather. Suggestion from the book. Drink your white wine cool but not ice cold.
Red, red wiiiiine "Tannic" - This wine is actually colored by its name sake, in many different shades; purple red, ruby red or garnet. There are many wide ranges for red wine which allow you to drink them with just about every food/occasion. Book suggestion. Consider a cool-to-touch glass of red wine, rather than warm or ice cold.
Rose Wine "Blush" -  Labels call these wines "white" thanks to a 1980's unpopular likes of the Rose aka Blush wines.  {Another classification for White Zinfandel} These wines vary from one far end to the other. Sweet and/or dry (not sweet). Good in warm weather.
Now although this is still on the confusing side it allowed me to make a little more since to different types of wines, the tastes and colors. Although we may pick our wines based on taste, color, name, smell, one or all of the above. It really helps to have a little more knowledge of the wine types.
So you are wondering, Which Type and When?
Although there is a guide of sorts for which wine is good for which foods and weather I challenge you to experiement with different types of wines. Beyond any suggestion of wine per food your personal preference based on taste will be your best guide
 Share with me what your favorite wine is and how, when and with what type of foods you drink it with. Are you partnering it with the right setting? ;) We shall see!


** I was not paid for this post. My content was guided by a Wiley Branded guide titled "Wine For Dummies". **

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