Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"My Scent Essence" Discovery! -Review Update

Almost two weeks ago I posted a review for My Scent Essence. Who by the way offers toxic free waxes and the goodies to make them fill your house with pretty aromas!

Today I made a switch of scents, from Sparkling Berry Shake (AWESOME! My fav!!) to Dreamer  (is a really fresh, clean kinda laundry smell. LOVE IT! ). I wasn't sure how I was suppose to empty it exactly (safely) because the easiest way to change it out would be to melt it down and pour it out ..
Well thats what I did and I was even able to put my hand on the bowl that holds the wax without getting burnt.. To me that is just awesome. It sits on a burner that heats it up, so you expect the bowl to be hot.. IT WASNT! yyeaa :D
Another Praise!
Also, my 1 year old who was standing by decided to check out the pretty pink liquid.. He stuck his fingers in it and let out a little yelp. I was so scared he was burned but, HE WASNT..
The wax only gets hot enough to melt and put off the aroma and not hot enough to be scorching! When I took the wax off  his fingers all he said was yucky.. I asked if it hurt and he said no.. Just kept repeating yuck.. lol
So it didn't hurt, just felt yucky (that was what the yelp was about) Not that I encourage you to let your kids play in the wax but know that its not only non-toxic but it also won't burn the kiddos or you... Neither will the bowl :D
Connie is giving away a Crystal Plug In warmer ($20V) at my original review post. Only a few days left so don't miss out!

Come enter to win now!
By the way I highly reccommend this company. Customer service is quick! Scents are great. Shipping is on time and secure!
Not to mention its made by a hard-working mom of  SEVEN, yes I said SEVEN! This mama deserves our support!
My favorite aroma lamp
Rugged Cross Aroma Lamp

** I was not paid in any fashion for this post. I did recieve product for my review, to keep, in my original post (link above)**



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