Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby Gassy Gooma Review - Super Cute

Baby Gassy Gooma....A story of passion, purpose, and perseverance.

In the beginning, it just began with a silly name. According to my mother, "Gassy Gooma" is the name I called myself as a baby when I was yet unable to say my name, "Gretchen."
Our business went national in 2005 when we decided to transition from a custom clothing business to a wholesaler. Response was immediately overwhelming. We began 2005 with only one rep in Atlanta and a handful of store orders. Within a couple years, we have grown to eight reps and our brand is carried in over 500 stores worldwide. We continue to grow at a rapid pace, by the overwhelming grace of God.

Photographed is my beautiful daughter Taylor, 3.

Whenever I get new clothing for my kids, especially to review, I never immediately mention where it came from so that I can get honest responses and input from the people who see them.

Today when I took my son to school Taylor came with us. From the second she put this outfit on until she took it off, she was lit up like Christmas. Not only did she love the outfit but when we walked into the foyer of my son's school all the other mom's immediately began commenting on her outfit.

My son is in Pre-K and only 1 year older then my daughter so their choice of outfits for their kids would be in the same style range. I had 3 parents specifically ask where to buy the outfit. I'd say it was a definate hit in the "Taylor Fashion Show". They are a great audience to help me better my reviews :D
(Thank you Pre-K parents!)

The emotion and sass she shows in this image is exactly how she carried herself all day. She just absolutely loved it!! (I do too by the way :D) It's very well made. Runs a little big for the size but nothing more than a simple belt can fix. The colors are very vibrant, great quality and they have so many styles to choose from!!

I can go on and on about how much we love their clothes!!

I am gonna get out and take some better pictures and post an update soon..
Gretchen, if you want another review I'm sure I can help ya out! ;)

Check out their awesome clothes!

** I was not paid for the post. I received this outfit from The Glamorous WAHM to be reviewed and for me to keep. (Her girls are too big lol) **



  1. She looks absolutely adorable! Baby Gassy Gooma has the cutest girl clothing I have ever seen! I'm glad she felt so pretty. She didn't need that outfit though. She's beautiful all on her own. :)

  2. She's gorgeous. She needs to be in a catalog


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