Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's Coming Out Of The Closet - CLEAN TIME!

If the shoes don't fit, the jacket is too small..
It's coming out of the closet!
I worked on going through the front closet today, sorted out my oldest son's shoe's to be saved for my younger son and made sure all the shoes were matching and jackets were hung.. I should have done a before picture... But here is the after.

After I wash all the hats and scarves, I have a little basket those will all go in.... I was so proud when I got this shelf.. Its been great! And no worries about having the drawers getting broken.. this is great!

I can't to see who wins the wonder hangers giveaway at Mommy PR...
Stop by and check the giveaway out to help you with your closet cleaning needs!

How do you maintain your closet cleanliness?? This is such a pain in the booty! Please share your tips!


  1. Great Job! It does feel good when we tackle the clutter projects.

  2. Thanks girl!! How do you organize your closet? totes? toss? I hate closests!


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