Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cosmetic Tattoos- TO DO OR NOT TO DO

Have you ever had cosmetic Tattoos? Thought about it?

I really wanna hear from you!
Yes, I am thinking about getting a cosmetic tattoo..  Permanent eyeliner to be exact... I am a natural blonde (hair has grown to be darker after kiddos) and my eyelashes are fairly short and light, as well as my eye brows. I feel like I'm in a scary movie when I check myself out in the mirror with out eyeliner and/or mascara. I am not much of a makeup person and with 3 kiddos 4 and under I don't have much time anyway.. So my thought is to get a fairly thin top eyeliner  permanent makeup tattoo to help me out in my scary movie attraction and mommy blues..

I spoke to a local tattoo shop, (great portfolio, really starile and I trust him- just so you know) and it will be about $60-$80..  Not so bad, more than I would like to spend but its permanent and longer lasting results with out the "pain and suffering" of make up trials and tribulations.

So, tell me what you think. I'm really nervous but right on the edge of saying im all in. I hear it takes 4-6 weeks to completely heal. That's the uncool part...


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  1. i don't have any tattoos since im a complete chicken. However depending on how they do this procedure, i would say go for it since 1) its permanent and you always us it anyways. 2) its to enhance a feature. 3) will save lots of money on eyeliners so pays for itself.
    Go do it Tara.. ill cheer for you on the sidelines... and laugh at you when they mess up and you look like someone sucker punched you (im totally messing with you LOL!!)

  2. AHAHAHHA, so not cool!!!!! Thanks! lol.. I'm not worried too much about the messing up.. not as much as I am ink in the eye or stabbing my eye.. lol we'll see.. .tax money coming soon and I have an itch for new eyeliner lol

  3. my sister has her eyebrows and had eyeliner applied to her eyes, looks natural and no one would ever know they were tattoo's. I think it all depends on who you have do them, and how talented they are. She has had her's for years...just got touch ups on them a couple of months ago after having them for 6 years.


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