Tuesday, January 19, 2010

AFFORDABLE EYE GLASSES- Yes, even for you!

Glasses, Glasses, Glasses...

I don't wear them but I know a few who do (majority of my my whole family, fingers crossed, knocking wood). My kids dad wears glasses. We bought his last year from a popular department store vision center, a silver stainless steel frame, rectangular (almost, rounded edges) frames and no extras... $45 RX, TOTAL =  $300.......................


Having three kids this is not a good amount to spend on anyone item that keeps getting knocked around! So, we have been searching trying to find a good contact lense discount, lasik surgery discount or even the back-to-basic regular ol' glasses. NO LUCK!!


YES!!!!! Glasses starting at $8 (depending on RX and your requests). When ordering his $21.85 pair of  glasses it totally did not seem real! This is a scam, it's a fake.. OR SO WE THOUGHT!
We found his same pair of glasses  (featured above) for less than $22 (TOTAL,Yes, shipping, taxes etc!) $288 SAVINGS

Just about anyone can manage to save up $25 for some glasses.. SO AMEN TO THAT!
We have not received them in the mail yet (only 3 days ago) but I can definately vouch this is a legit source.. I know 10 + people who have purchased all kinds of frames, with all kinds of RX and they were all right around $25 and looked just as pictured!

Check it out.. Tell us what you ordered!




  1. I Just ordered my Prescription Sunglasses from there last night and only spent $22.85 !!!!
    Amazinggg deals. I really had a hard time deciding because of all the great frames.!

  2. wow, what great savings! bf just bought 2 pairs of glasses from a local eye glass place, will keep this web site bookmarked though for future use, thank-you!!


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