Saturday, January 30, 2010

African Black Soap Review - Funktional Spa & Bath

                                                                              "Completely impressed"

I reviewed a "sample" of the African Black Soap from Funktional Spa. First I wanna say how surprised  I was to see the size of the "sample". Their prices are VERY affordable and if that's a sample I can only imagine the value in a normal order!! 

The African Black Soap is a mix of dark brown and black in color.. and it has a soft spring smell.. I used it and so did the other adult in the house. He prepared me before taking a shower that iff he itched it was my fault lol..
I was completely surprised to hear him say he liked it when he got out..
Not in so many words but his actions were priceless.
He got out of the shower and said "feel", holding out his arm.. I was thinking, Oh no, whats wrong? He is so picky about his soaps, sensitive skin and it has to pass his 500 point test lol..
He was completely impressed!! He said "You feel how soft my skin is?" and then sniffing his arm and then making me sniff it he said smell.. Needless to say, I'm pretty sure he loved it.
(I wish I could have videotaped his response)

It took a long time to convince him to try natural soaps and I must say that is the best part about Funktional Spa products. They are all handmade and natural! I too loved that my skin was so soft after using this soap, no left over residue and it doesn't have an overpowering smell... Just so fresh and so clean!!

Funktional Spa offers multiple categories of handmade products and they are all made by a Wife and Husband team! Their story is awesome!!!

They even have some good, quality gag gifts too :) A great alternative to the box of viagra or skimpy lingerie others may never use.. Check out this hillarious soap

Check them out on twitter, blogspot and etsy.

Mens Combo Gift Set
ONLY $15


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