Tuesday, April 26, 2016

More than your precious moments!......

This makes me cringe. We are trying too hard to come up with ways to be LAZY.

I've realized more and more that OCD has crippled me and I find myself feeling deflated due to fear.

If you look at your child and contemplate a way to make things easier with life you will constantly be running from the purpose of life. A lot of times we feel "life shouldn't be this hard". I've let it take me down a few times.....

Do not chase themes of getting hurt. Seek ways to overcome and enjoy. (Was that an Audra or what?)
Life is moments. Many tiny moments. Sometimes even smaller than the one we couldn't even attempt to photograph.

Don't spend your time trying to find a way out of this moment, time, season, phase, month, year, quarter, decade.

Read articles of why life is about more than your precious moments..........

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