Thursday, May 21, 2015

Single Mama Victories

Meanwhile battling life altering situations for yourself and your children. You log on to social media and see the many ways of the world and may feel the people you know are flying by you, self-centered, self-destructive , petty or oblivious to real life and it hurts they don't take the time to be a part of yours and your children's life.

Because you are well known for independence, self-respect and strength. You get over looked and some might even say you are under-appreciated in your selfless life.

BUT, before you let it get you down. REALIZE the truth in your situation is you are truly blessed in your opportunities to be able to focus solely on who and what matters. Without distraction from those who don't care enough to see "how are you" or "how can I help".
You don't have to share your time. You get all of it and that is a trophy in itself. Life has phases and we all go through them.

Sometimes, yes, we feel it's overwhelming or bitter in the loneliness of everyday sacrifices and needs.

As a single mom we sleep very little because most of our nights are spent doing research on our health concerns for ourselves and our children, cleaning, laundry or the rarity of peace while enjoying a hobby.
We don't buy things for ourselves very often and most times when we do we feel bad even coming in under budget.

With faith as mine and my children's tour guide, I claim victory and you can too! We got this!
"Let no weapon formed against you prosper" because with Christ all things are possible....... yes even the occasions it seems we need an army to conquer our chores and demanding necessities. YOU GOT THIS!

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I am a single mom and this is something that has really been weighing heavily on my heart lately.
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