Monday, May 27, 2013

Watching your water intake! #JuneHabit @TheFlyLady

As a mother of three who lost track of housekeeping beyond what I ever imagined I would, I joined Fly Lady to help me out, subscribed to the newsletter and found it super easy to get back on track with my house keeping thanks to FLYing Lessons. Every newsletter is encouraging, helpful, simple and has been much more than a helpful cleaning newsletter!

The recent newsletter is about June's Habit which is drinking water. There was a letter written in as a helpful hint on keeping track of water intake and I thought it was genius, so I had to share!

Dear FlyLady,
I'm not sure when or how I started doing this.
So I don't know who to give credit for the idea to, but I use a rubberband system to make sure I'm drinking enough water each day. Because I live in a hot area and I exercise a lot, I need to drinking 80-96oz of water a day.
I have a 16oz. insulated cup w/ a straw that I take everywhere with me all day long. As soon as I fill it in the morning I put 6 rubberbands around the outside. Each time I finish it and it's empty I remove one of the rubberbands. That way I can keep track and make sure I've had my 5-6 glasses full without having to keep track in my head. It's easy, when my rubberbands are gone I'm done. And I feel good throughout the day as I see the number of rubberbands dwindling down.
I thought this might be a good tip for June's  habit of the month.
I told you... Genius! So super simple but genius! Most of us do not drink enough water and get overwhelmed trying to remember our water intake for the day especially if we are working on weight loss! This is a great way to keep track and not lose track! Be sure to join FlyLadys' Email group to get more great ideas and tips like this!

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  1. I have been drinking FFW (flat flush water) and fruit infused water for about a month now, but prior to that I always kept cases of bottled water in my house because our tap water is not the tastiest ever. My kids and I drink water consistently, but I still find there are times when I slack. Days when I don’t drink enough of anything. I don’t know why this happens, it just does. With the infused water and FFW, I carry my water with me, packed with ice and prettiness, which encourages me. At home I drink room temp water because I don’t care for ice in glasses. Summertime is NOT one of the times I slack on water intake. I like this rubber band idea, and will begin using it!


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