Monday, December 17, 2012

Newtown victim can be honored by donating to local animal shelter! #PrayForNewtown

Catherine Hubbard had a "passion for animals" .
As a tiny community struggles to get through each day, the world watches. The stream of information released to the public has brought us from just a list of names to faces and now insight into who the victims were as individuals. Now we can more fully realize the magnitude of their loss. It becomes personal.
With the victims' lives taking shape before our eyes, there is bound to be one story that hits closest to home. For this writer, it is the little red-haired girl who reportedly wanted to open an animal shelter when she grew up. Six-year-old Catherine Hubbard's obituary mentions her "passion for animals" and calls for donations to a local animal shelter in lieu of flowers.
That one so young with compassion in her heart should be the victim of such a merciless act is unspeakable. For any child to have an obituary at so young an age is unimaginable. Catherine's parents' choice to honor what was dear to their daughter deserves recognition. As we all feel so helpless in the wake of the madness, we can reach out and do something good in memory of a little girl who no longer has the chance to grow up and realize her dream.
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The animal shelter of choice is The Animal Center, located right in Newtown. There is a link to donate on theirwebsite, or you can mail your memorial gift to PO Box 475, Newtown, CT 06470.

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