Tuesday, July 24, 2012

EASY! Coffee Filter Flowers #craft

Coffee Filter Flowers

  1. There are multiple ways of making coffee filter flowers and this is just one. Step by step how to is below.  I got 100 for $1.50.

Start with your coffe fillter sitting up right.

Then fold it in half/ like a taco (I love elementary descriptions better lol)

Then you begin folding it back an forth accordian style. About half an inch thick.


After all the folds your filter will look like this

On the round half, cut just a little bit off either in humps or spikes or however you want the tips of the flowers to look. Here I did humps. You only have to cut 2 cm or so.

Squish the accordian back down then tape or wrap a wire around the middle to hold the form.

Cut through all the filters right at the crease and leave about 1/2 to an inch of uncut filter for the base.
Then start flairing each layer of the filter. Do half one way and the othe half opposite. Don't worry about tearing them, you will notice they are pretty durable.

Once you have done both sides it will look something like this
Bring the sides together.. It will look a little funky at first. Something like this.
To keep the sides together you can use double sided tape, super glue, hot clue etc. To form the flower to your liking just tug on the pieces in different directions until it's pretty enough for you.

To dress up the flower you can glitter paint them, dye the coffee filters prior to folding, have the kiddos color them, paint the tips with spray paint and many more options. As you see it's pretty easy though! Use tissue paper for bigger "pom pom" versions of this flower!

Feel free to share your pictures. I would love to see them!

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