Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lamp Gone Decor! #Crafts #Freebies

 I bought this lamp so that I could use the lamp shade for my awesome Crystal lamp that has been screaming for a lamp shade for about 2 years now. (procrastinator? yes!) I forgot a before picture which makes me sad, but after cutting the cord out, removing the hardware, flipping the top gold part painting and gluing it all together this is what I have. It's my version of a decorative column. It was brass where it's now gold and cheap marble where its now white. Laundry detergent is not my choice of decor but I wantde to test out it's strength and there ya have it! I love it!

Had I purchased the paint for this project it would be $4.25 which is a great deal! But ofcourse I am not only using the paint for this project. They are both being using on multiple other projects :D

Lamp - Garage sale left overs - was $5 now FREE
Paint - $1 for white and $3.25 for metallic cold - $4.25

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