Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Simple Decorative Rustic, Chic Vase #freebies #upcycle #DIY

So I saved a Snapple glass bottle for about a month hoping to find a project for it. I am not a flowery person, had no clue what I would do with it but my biggest excitement about this bottle was that I heard Snapple blesses all their bottles before they head out. That is AWESOME and I really hope it's true although I have not been able to find facts on that (if you know for sure please let me know)

Finally one day I saw a tutorial that was very basic. She glued a sunflower to the middle of the vase and putt moss in it. Instantly the glass bottle popped into my head and out came this vision. :D

So, using string from my great-grandparents old basket shop, snapple bottle and my cowgirl roping skills (no not really lol) along came my vase.. I'm proud :D

String - FREE
Snapple Bottle - $1
Flowers - $1 spray (I used 4 of the 7)
hot glue just to secure the strands in - $1 for 25
Total about $1.30

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