Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hike for our Heroes $5 million challenge & Giveaway

When Iraq War veteran Troy Yocum returned from Deployment, he had just one thing on his mind: hike 7000 miles across America to raise $5 million for Military families. So the Hike for our Heroes was born.

Across America traveling with Troy is his support crew made up of his wife Mareike, Harley the joking Chihuahua, and "Emmie the super dog"

Already Troy has travelled to the west coast and back.
Once all the way to the east coast in Boston Troy will once again turn westward and hike home to Louisville, KY. The 7880 mile round trip ends back where the first step was taken at the Louisville Slugger Museum.

The Hike for our Heroes began on April 17th 2010 and is set to end his 7000 mile walk on September 3rd of 2011

MISSION: Is to further spread the word that our American Heroes are fighting just as hard at home as they do overseas. We hope to provide a peace of mind and lay the foundation for military families in need to succeed. Troy will literally put one foot in front of the other, crossing the great states of America to reach people and help spread the importance of helping our military families. Our goal is to raise the needed $5 million for these families!

Troy will carry with him custom Louisville Slugger Bats that he hopes to get signed by Mayors, Governors, and people of importance in-order to get a National Day for Deployed Soldiers.

You can find products for purchase to help support his cause at
To make a donation please visit

Hike for our Heroes in the mountains!
Hike for our Heroes in the mountains!

Hike for our Heroes being escorted by Houston, TX Police
Immediately made me cry!

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  1. I helped to spread the word about this amazing man & what he is doing! I am the daughter of a retired Marine, so I think it's very respectable what Troy and his wife are doing!


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