Sunday, November 21, 2010

Phenomenal Skincare HAS ARRIVED!!! BELLAMORA!

Bellamora International Group is Seeking Ambitious Distributors to help launch a New International Cosmeceutical Product Line.

We are very excited to introduce this amazing product used to treat burns, skin blemishes, acne and age spots. You are invited to view, feel and experience this phenomenal product and also receive information on launching a new part or full time career in this billion dollar cosmecuetical industry.

So you missed out on the start of Avon, Beauty Control or Mary Kay....well Bellamora is Brand New and YOU have the RARE Opportunity to secure a TOP Position and Earn an Income to Live Your Dreams!!

Leaders are needed to share this WONDERFUL opportunity and build Teams in the US before the PreLaunch of 1/15/11.

Bellamora is in FREE LAUNCH - Secure a FREE Position as a Distributor, a FREE Website and FREE Skin Care Products here -

This is a LIVE VIDEO of the INSTANT RESULTS you will get from the Bellamora Products. I must warn you....this is some nasty looking crap when it comes off your skin!! LOL


Do you or someone you know suffer from Acne, Wrinkles, Age spots, Sun damage or Skin Blemishes? Bellamora is THE ANTI-WRINKLE FORMULA that EVERYONE is going to make a part of their daily hygene maintenance.....Women & Men!! Go get YOUR FREE SAMPLES NOW and Secure a FREE Position...Hey what do you have to lose?? It's FREE!

Proof is in Our B.I.G. Product

Here are a few bullet points on the Bellamora International Group!

1) Over 8 million dollars gone into research and development in the last couple of years.

2) The pre-launch has just begun and they are prepared to give 200,000 free samples in the next 77 days.

3) Rejuvenates and improves your Age Spots, Wrinkles, Crow's Feet, Skin Blemishes, Fine Lines, Skin Tone, etc..

4) The product has had its "Research and Development" done by "JOHNSON & JOHNSON" and has a US Patent.

5) They are donating this miracle product and proceed funds to "Hospital Burn Centers" across the country.

6) The funding group behind this is the group that owns The Outback, Bonefish and Macaroni Grill Restaurants.

7) A television and radio campaign is about to begin and they are looking for people to handle the leads.

8) Bellamora Compensation plan has the Highest Cashflow Potential in the Industry.

9) Bellamora compensation plan is the first Patented ever in the history of MLM.

10) They are predicting over 100,000 distributers signing up on January 15th 2011 and this will shatter records!

We have nothing to lose, just some money and better skin to gain!

Click Here to Join Now

PS if you don't want to promote a business, give the product a try, share with friends and let it work for you.. IT'S FREE!!

** I was not paid in cash form for this post. I will receive free product from the company.**

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