Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nesting Tables are PERFECT for little spaces!

When I got my first apartment it was a tiny 720 sq ft 1 bedroom and we ended up sharing it with my first two kiddos, then it really got cramped. At first we had a coffee table and then when we realized that wasn't gonna work we found some awesome Nesting Tables.
It used to be that you could only find a few designs but now days you can find a set for any style you might have. Nesting tables are perfect for college dorms, first apartments or homes with KIDS!
CSN offers many great styles and price ranges so come check out the Nesting Tables here.
My favorites are:

Stein World Nesting Table (set of 2) which matches my rug perfectly.


Wayborn Rainforest Parrot Theme Nesting Tables - these would go perfect in my kids bedroom

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  1. Good idea...cause the top table can get filled with all the clutter my usual tables get filled with, and the bottom can actually be used for my kids to color on (grin).

    I was actually just stopping by to thank you for being a follower at my Scribbleprints blog and invite you to a Blog Party I'm having with some fun games and giveaways.


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