Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rapture Fashions Earrings Review & Giveaway Ends 9/05

I am always on the lookout for new fashions, especially purses and jewelry. I mean really what woman out there doesn't like new fashions right? So when I came across the Rapture Fashions website you know I just had to try out something. I got so lost looking around their website that I just couldn't resist. So this is a really exciting review for me.

About Rapture Fashions Boutique:

jen-1Rapture Fashions was created when one weary shopper ( me) was tired of scouring racks in boutiques during her lunch hour..or rushing after work to beat the "closed" sign on the door. Only to find the price tags on these unique pieces to reflect the cost of their lease. My vision is to offer the same great styles, without the cost of keeping the lights on... Since I let the cat out of the bag , I am the weary shopper and I would like to say the ambitious owner of Rapture Fashions. I am delighted you visited my site and please don't ever hesiate to contact me The day I decided to open the store to my husbands shock and disbelief as the boxes kept showing up at the front door I knew this was going to be an exciting adventure! So one by one I opened the boxes and turned a home office into a showroom to share all my fabuolous finds with all of you! Not only am I the owner but my own biggest fan. I keep everything seen on the site in my own closet. I only purchase limited quanities from our unique designers to keep your style one of a kind and ever changing ..and who am I kidding cause my house can only hold so much! I am continously looking at fashion trends and commited to scoping out new and upcoming designers, so check in often to see what I have found. Value, quality, and service is what you will find each and everytime you shop at Rapture Fashions. Remember fashion is a gift so tell your best friends and even your worst frenemy about Rapture Fashions.

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