Thursday, September 2, 2010

Homemade Gourmet Review & Giveaway-3 Winners Ends 9/06 - Miracle Momas

Who doesn't love to try new recipes? I know I do and so does everyone in my family. We love trying all sorts of new foods and food mixes. It is always good to spice up the same old meats and things that your are eating all the time. Everyone needs some variety. So when I was given the opportunity to review some products from Homemade Gourmet I was really excited.

About Homemade Gourmet:


With God’s help, Homemade Gourmet® strives to bring families back to the dinner table by providing quality, affordable, easy-to-prepare meals, education and direct sales business opportunities.
Message From Tami
I know, without a doubt, that family time at the table has more power than any government funded program, any million dollar initiative, or any other activity we can plug our children into. Those precious few minutes of conversation around the table can lead to better choices and decisions made by children when they are away from the home. Choices that are influenced by the voice of a mom or dad at a dinner table expressing their view of what is right and wrong; even though when those views were expressed... we were sure they went in one ear and out the other! They did not... they stuck somewhere within the mass of all the other information being fed into those precious minds. This is how we influence generational change around the dinner table!

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