Thursday, August 19, 2010

Craftsman Deal of The Day 8/19/10 -

Reg Price: $49.99
Discount: 80% Off
Sale Price: $9.99
You Saved $40.00  shopping at

Set includes: 2-in-1 connector, four power groove countersinks (#6 x 3/32 in., #8 x 7/64 in., #10 x 1/8 in., #12 x 1/8 in.), three replacement drill bits (#6 x 3/32 in., #8 x 7/64 in., #10 x 1/8 in., #12 x 1/8 in.), two set screws, two assorted 2 in. power insert bits, 5/16 in. cordless drill plug cutter. Also includes case.

◦Cordless Drill Plug Cutter works with all hand held drills and drill presses
◦Self-centering, retractable pin prevents walking
◦Tapered plug ensures a tight fit with #6/#8 countersinks
◦Drill, countersink or counterbore in wood
◦2-in-1 Connector automatically locks in Speed-Shank™ tools plus 1-inch insert bits


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