Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pierre The Penguin: A True Story - Book Review

When Pierre, an African penguin living at the California Academy of Sciences, begins to lose his feathers, the zoo staff is at a loss as to what to do.

The lack of feathers causes Pierre to lose warmth, making him afraid to swim in the zoo pool. And the other penguins start to shy away, giving Pierre the "cold" shoulder. Unfortunately, heaters and medications fail to correct the situation.
Author: Jean Marzollo
Illustrator: Laura Regan
Published by Sleeping Bear Press

US. $15.95 / CAN. $17.95

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to review this book thanks to the giveaway by Andrea M. of Mommy PR which I won. This giveaway was sponsored by Sleeping Bear Press.

We have had this book for about a month and half and I was meaning to review it way sooner but tonight we were organizing books and my kids have been on a book kick lately. They don't quite know how to read yet but love to use their imagination and make up a story as they read.

Well tonight I sat down with them to read the book and as I am reading my son is making up his own story. As you see in the book info that Pierre, am African Penguin, had lost his feathers, shivered evertime he swam and his poor little booty was so bare.

Pam, the peguin keeper, noticed and made efforts to help. Through out the story they handmake him a tiny wetsuite and when we got to the page that showed then drawing it out my son, Desmond, said she took the penguin home to play dress up. I couldn't help but laugh and take a little break from the true readings to let him continue with his own story..

After finishing Pierre the Penguin book, I had to turn my attention to my daughter and re-read it. Even my non-attentive daughter loved it!

At the time that the giveaway was being offered my son was BIG into penguins and other water animals. So when he saw that I was entering the giveaway (or ordering a book online as he says lol) he was super excited. When it came in the mail he was SO overly excited that he immediately took it and read it. Reading it together as a family tonight has definately reinspired he love for penguins..

FYI, there is a great Teacher/Parent guide that you can use to discuss the book with your child after reading, to jog their memory (or yours lol)..


** I was not paid in any fashion for this post. I did receive product as a giveaway winning which did not alter my opinion in the above review.
Book details provided by Sleeping Bear Press. **

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