Sunday, July 25, 2010

myScentEssence Review

myScentEssence takes pride in offering affordable Non-Toxic Home Fragrances! We manufacture our products in small batches, by hand, which we believe allows the fragrance to penetrate the wax to it's full capacity.
Creating our highly scented ScentBeads, ScentDomes, ScentShakes and Tealights.

Experience the Spirit of Aroma.
No Flame, No Soot, Just Scent


I have had an awesome time experiencing the Spirit of Aroma. myScentEssence offers amazing high quality, non-toxic fragrances and truly listens to their customers and the customers requests.
What I love most about this company is that by saying they are non-toxic they don't mean just the waxes are non-toxic like majority of the companies who promote this title are. By non-toxic, they mean packaging and all!!! Connie takes high pride in sticking to her word!
I got in some new samples and a sneek peek at the new look of myScentEssence is awesome! You might have noticed the site is getting a remake but the packaging is getting a new look too :D
Now on to the ScentShakes.
My favorite of this bunch is .........
Rain Showers. This is a different scent from the typical candle smells I'm used too. I have ALWAYS loved the smell of rain, grass and outdoors in general.. So when I tried this one out I was super shocked at how perfect it matched the smell I enjoy.
It smells like a rain storm after it has started and every thing comes to a perfect blend. The natural smells of the grass, soft flower scents and a bit of a fresh linen smell.

  • French Vanilla Coffee - Brewed coffee and french vanilla.

  • Lavender Sage -  (This will be available August 16th, for the fall season) A relaxing yet energizing blend of french lavendar and sage.

  • Orchid Fields - Fresh Orchids,bamboo, watercress and aloe.

  • Shimmering Stars - A shimmering blend of blueberries, creamy vanilla, and cinnamon sticks.

  • Sweet Treats - (This will be available August 16th, for the fall season) A delightful blend of pumpkin, apple and berries with a hint of cinnamon.

  • Tranquility - A luxury spa aroma that combines cool verbena, rich french jamsine and oriental bamboo.

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** I was not paid in any fashion for this post. I did receive product for my testing but was under no obligation to give a positive review. I will receive commissions of any orders processed through the link provided in this post.**


  1. Your descriptions of the scents makes me want to try these. Sounds like a super small business owner who takes alot of pride in every product she makes!

  2. Thanks for the great review! I always love learning about great new products, especially for gift ideas!


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