Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Giving Back Due to My Success!! THANK YOU!!!

I am a HUGE networker and I would never dare call myself an expert but I like to think that my "thinking outside of the box" ways create a name/buzz for my efforts. Recently I had an exciting INCREASE in my stats and made quite a few connections on my blog. Due to all of this excitement my mind was running and trying to think of ways to give back to my readers and the fellow WAHM, Blogger community. I have lots more in store but this is my first offer.

I would also like to thank Angela Roy of Mommy PR.com for all of her help with all of my questions. I am a big networker but there is NO DOUBT in my mind that I would not be where I am as fast as I am without her support, helpful hints and examples of great ethics and being the great Business Savvy, Mom Blogger role model that she is.

She has an amazing team as well and I know she would want to shout out to them as well so here is to Andrea, Dawn and Megan... With all the super support we can go so much further! (CHECK OUT MOMMY PR. THEY ROCK)

I want to remind you, and hopefully this will help, you should never give up. Keep on keepin' on because success is just around the corner!

If at first you don't succeed, dust your self off and TRY AGAIN!!!

Submit your family friendly product, site or blog to be featured on my blog. I will pick 5 winners to be featured.

Not only that, there will be additional perks for you.

  • Drive comments, and followers via your featured post, within the first 24 hours, and you will gain extra exposure on my blog.

  • For every two comments on your post within the first 24 hours you gain 1 month banner advertisement.

  • For every two GFC followers on my blog, who also comment on the post within the first 24 hours you gain 1 additional featured post.

The extra perks are only valid on the FIRST featured post.


  • I feature ABC Shirt Company.

  • Within the first 24 hours they get 2 comments.

    • That will earn ABC 1 month banner advertisement.

  • Of those two people they both followed my blog via GFC.

    • That will earn ABC 1 month ad spot on my blog.

To apply for this offer, please click here to fill out this short form.

This offer will be accepting entries until Friday, July 23rd, 2010.



** I was not paid in any form for this post. **


  1. You are so sweet giving back like this. Congratulations on your awesome blog.

  2. Thanks girl... I like to help others and obviously I have had help to get where I am... It's only right to give back :) I hope you enter :)

  3. Thanks for helping others, many blessing to you.


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