Sunday, June 13, 2010

June Photo Contest

"Doing My Thang" Natural Photo

The "Doing My Thang" Photo contest will feature your child's Natural photo's from a fun time at the park, home, friends etc.

You may submit up to TWO photo's per child.
First and second place winners will be announced.
Contest will end June 30th.

Photo Requirements:

  • Must be a natural photo with no enhancements.

  • Although it can make for a cute picture, child must be clothed.

  • Children 13 and under may enter.

  • When submitting the picture please be sure to include the child's age {at that time}, location {city, state, park/home etc} and a brief caption for the photo.
After submitting your photo please be sure to add to your address book so that you do not miss any of my emails or your PRIZE offer!

Entries are immediately accepted and we will be adding to the prize list as they come in.

Still accepting prize offers.
Prizes will be personally sent from the sponsor to the winner.

myScentEssence is offering either the Praying Hands Sculptured Aroma Lamp or the Rugged Cross Sculptured Aroma Lamp and two 2oz bags of ScentShakes in your choice of scent (over 100 scents) or we can send you our top sellers.
Each warmer is valued at $28 and each bag of ScentShakes is valued at $4.50. Total value is $37.

next prize offer is...

$20.00 Gift Certificate from Sassy Kids Boutique of Texas

next prize offer is...


Ariel, 3, Washington
"Throwing the ball to Mommy"

Jasy, 7, Washington
"Jumping in the baby pool"


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