Monday, May 17, 2010

Hairy Walls, Holly Floors, Missing Doors and No Cabinets! PLEASE VOTE

Cynthia added a video of her kitchen (fix er upper) to the National Fix & Flip contest which has nothing to do with her weight but this morning she got a nasty message about herself and not her kitchen...
I found out about her entry and this nasty comment via facebook and I am now determined to help her win!
 Cynthia has been dieting for a year and has lost 120 lbs... She is looking amazing.. But with the womanly weight issues a side, that is actually not the topic of this post I just had to share even more reason why she totally deserves a remake of her kitchen.
As of now her "pantry" is missing one door, the other about to fall off. Her kitchen is old, stained and dented (thanks to her kicking frustration to the cabinets), hairy two toned walls, loose windows, chunks of tile missing on the two maybe three toned floors and she has NO storage with cats running all around!
As you watch her video you can see she is a cheery person and they totally deserve and NEED a brand new up-to-date kitchen! So please help me spread the word about this contest and help get her some votes..
In order to vote you will need to register but its super fast!
Watch her video and then please visit the contest to vote on her entry!

** I was not paid in any fashion nor asked to make this post. **

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