Monday, May 10, 2010

Got Talent? Janey Cutler DOES!

Janey Cutler or aka Nu-Bo whom is being compared to past Britain's Got Talent winner, Susan Boyle. Says she compares herself to no one but when she got on stage she had the crowd in an uproar (comparable to Susan Boyle) and at age 80 she say "No Regrets" and press says its fitting for her show!
Check her out on stage at Britain's Got  Talent
Move Over SuBo, Here's NuBo
80-year-old Janey Cutler has been told she has a wonderful singing voice. Her friends have been egging her on to enter the competition as she's got nothing to lose. Can we find yet another good singer on the Glasgow stage?
Watch her "On Cloud 9" Interview with Maggie of CBS NEWS
You can find other great articles and pictures of Janey Cutler by Googling her, or click here for quick search.


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