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UPDATED!! PLEASE HELP - Children Being Bullied Have No HELP

click the link above to see pictures of his first day at his new school.
This issue is pending proper resolution!!! YEAAAA Please read the most current update here!
The  following post was originally posted on From Tracie. I am sharing this post to spread the word.  Please help us do the same!
A fellow blogger, Jane, has a serious issue at her house. Her son was brutally attacked at school.
Just to let you know how bad the attack was, here is a picture of Jane's son....



Here is the latest update on Jane's Blog

Basically, Jane is getting the run around from school officials about getting him transferred to another school. The problem is that the attack isn't a one time problem. The kids have started following him around and threatening him. He is loosing weight, he is scared to leave his house (much less go to school) and the principal has told Jane that it is too late in the year for her to homeschool him. But that isn't even the worst thing, she has also been informed that he has missed too many days and if she doesn't bring him back to school, she will be in violation of the law! How insane is that....the law should be protecting this child, not exposing him to more harm and trauma.

Now that you have read this, and are as angry as I am, I'm sure you wished there was something you could do....well, guess what? There is!! We are starting a letter writing campaign to the principal and superintendent. To make it really easy for you, Princess has even written out sample letters, you can copy and paste them or write your own - whatever you want, but please take a few minutes to help out this precious child.

Here is all the info you need:

Email the principal, Mrs. Clark at and let her know that you are disappointed in their lack of cooperation and their failure to keep Islaam safe. The matter has recently been presented to the superintendent, Christopher J. Steinhauser. We are hoping he will be more helpful. You can reach him at and let him know that you are familiar with Islaam’s case at Jefferson Middle School and that you have seen photos of the brutal attack and that you are SURE they will do the right thing and provide him with a safe learning environment at another school within their district.



Please send a copy to Jane at for her records.



If you would like to join us by posting a plea for help on your blog, Jane would be very grateful. Tweet using the #blogfia hashtag. You may copy my post and tweek it to fit yours if you wish. Please grab the blogfia button as well.
Our goal is to have their inbox flooded with emails by tomorrow morning when they get to work.
Please send emails up until 3 pm EST / noon PST on Saturday, April 24.


If Jane doesn't get a positive response we may do it again next week. We will give them an adequate amount of time to respond, but will stay on them if needed.
Sample Emails:



Dear Ms. Clark,

I have been following the story about the recent attack on a student in your school, Islaam, and I am outraged that he has not been given an opportunity to transfer to another school. Your lack of action in this case is unacceptable. How are children supposed to learn if they are in an environment where they fear for their safety? Your inability to protect him is a serious issue. I am hoping you will take the necessary steps to protect this child’s mental and physical well being and do whatever is necessary to rectify this situation immediately.






Dear Mr. Steinhauser,

I have been following the story about the recent attack on a student at Jefferson Middle School, Islaam, and I am disappointed that he has not been provided an opportunity to enroll in another school within the district. Children need to be provided with a safe environment to learn. I hope you will move quickly to rectify this situation so that Islaam will be able to get back in school as soon as possible and work towards healing emotionally from the brutal attack. Please do not let this young man down.

** I was not paid in any fashion for his post. My views and opinions are always honestly given. **


  1. Thank you So Much!!! We are touched! My son is helping me go through each and every email! He's asleep now so I'm trying to catch up. I am putting all the emails in a seperate folder and will get back to each and everyone of you over the weekend. Thanks again!

  2. This is an outrage! I have emailed the principal and cc'd the superintendant and Islaam's mother. I'm so sorry they are dealing with lack of cooperation on TOP of what has already been done.

    This is my email:

    Dear Ms. Clark,
    I wonder, do you have children of your own? If so, then surely you understand the pain Islaam’s mother is going through, trying to protect her child from the torture brought on to him from students at your school.

    I also wonder, were you ever bullied at school? If so, then surely you also understand the agony Islaam is in, going through mental, emotional, and physical trauma at the hands of his abusers, while the school sits by and does nothing to protect him.

    Have you been reading the news in the past 10 years and noticing the number of violent, needless rampages in schools, brought on by children who were backed into a corner, bullied and tormented again and again by other students? Or how about the number of children taking their own lives in their hole of depression and solitude because they were bullied?

    I don’t care about your politics. I don’t care what it takes. KEEP THIS KID SAFE! As a school leader, it is YOUR job to protect these children. YOU have the power to do something to prevent a potential tragedy! YOU can help Islaam and his family, simply by letting him start over at a new school. It seems a VERY small request to make, considering the circumstances.

    Wouldn’t you want someone to do that for your children? Or your niece/nephew/neighbor/grandchild?

    Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter.


    Bethany Monson, Michigan mother of 3 who would be taking this straight to the local news crew if it here one of her babies

  3. Thanks for joining in! We appreciate you using your blog space to help us spread the word! :)

  4. Thank you everyone! We did it!!! Update on my blog!!!


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