Friday, August 2, 2013

#FridayFood - Don Cruz Restaurant

I have always loved checking out new places, especially small businesses owned and operated by families. Wednesday night we went to Don Cruz Restaurant as our newbie and it was great!
I had planned on taking pictures when I got there but didn't realize how low my battery was! We went a few places and my phone didn't make it the distance :( {see my other #FridayFood review} Luckily they do have pictures available online just not of our meals.

Our dinner included:


    • They don't have many drink options but luckily for the FREE refill option they did have sprite so that's what we got. $1.25 a drink. Tasted good!


  • Basket of chips and fresh salsa 

    •  Very good. I liked that they were plain chips and not lime or over salty!

  • Fried Cheese 

    • Better known as CHEEEESSEEEE STICKS! Yes I love them that much :D They were really great! Believe it or not we have had some bad cheese sticks and because of that it's hard to get my daughter to eat them now. This time she LOVED them!


  • Chile Relleno with your choice of beef, chicken or cheese, with rice and beans... ONLY $6.99!

    • I got chicken which was very good! They keep the flavor mild allowing you to spice it up as you please. The size of the plate was awesome for this price! 

  • Bean Burrito and Rice (My oldest) 

    • My son LOVES him some bean burritos! Recently, we tried a different Mexican food restaurant and my son took one bite and denied his dinner {I agreed, it wasn't great}. He had all kinds of questions for the waitress when placing his order which she happily answered. It was too cute! His meal came with a side of rice as well and he ate it all up.

  • Battered Chicken Tenders and fries {my daughter}

    • It was the closest thing to chicken nuggets that they had because I managed to talk her out of McDonald's to check out Don Cruz's Restaurant! They were awesome! They kind of had a hint of sweetness and the chicken is really juicy. Great meal! Ketchup was served in packets rather than the bottle {parents and germ-a-phoebes would agree this is awesome}

  • Hotdog and fries (my youngest)

    • This boy loves hot dogs and all the other typical american or BBQ/southern food! He was determined to get McD's as well but didn't want chicken so we settled for hot dog with fries {his favorite part}. Great meal. I forgot to try his but he ate it all so it had to be good ;) Ketchup was served in packets rather than the bottle {parents and germ-a-phoebes would agree this is awesome}
Most of the meals range between $5-9 dollars and for that price {affordable} I was completely satisfied with my meal and my children's as well! As the picture shares with you above, they are open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! I could not have been happier with the customer service from our waitress. She was excellent and very friendly with my children and for right around $35 for drinks, food and tip it was a hit!

3155 Denton Hwy, Haltom City, Texas 76117
(817) 759-1343
Closed until tomorrow 7:00 am - 9:00 pm

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