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Christmas Eve Traditions @HobbiesBudget

christmas eve traditions
It’s the day before Christmas, and all through the house, every creature is stirring… Today as I was trying to decide what to post on this most exciting day, my son had a brilliant idea. Why not talk about all the great Christmas Eve traditions that are enjoyed by families all around the world!

Christmas Eve Traditions

Every family has unique traditions for Christmas Eve. Growing up, we had a tradition. Each of us kids would open a special Christmas Eve present. It was always a book for me! I can’t remember what my brother and sister would open. I think my parents knew that if I had a brand new book, I would stay in my bed till I finished the book or fell asleep and they would be able to finish wrapping presents.
I’ve heard of some families who unwrap brand new pajamas for each member of the family on Christmas Eve.

Feed the Reindeer

A few years ago, we started our tradition of feeding Santa’s reindeer. We never buy anything special – just use whatever reindeer food we can find (Crackers, granola, oats, cheerios). We take whatever ingredients are on hand and crumble them all together, then take them out to the driveway or front yard and scatter them out in the front yard.
Here’s one how one mom has turned this tradition into a beautiful craft! How to Make Homemade Reindeer Food.

Cookies for Santa

Of course, you have to leave out cookies and milk for Santa. (Just make sure your kids don’t catch you eating the cookies like mine did one year. Oops!)

Watch SantaTracker

How can Santa Claus make it all around the world in one night? Well, I certainly don’t know the answer to that mystery, but I do know how to watch his progress! The Official NORAD Santa Tracker!

Read the Christmas Story

I know some families read the Christmas story on Christmas morning, but that’s never worked for us. Instead, we use Christmas Eve to read the story from the Bible, sing a few Christmas carols in front of the tree and celebrate the reason for the season – Jesus’ birth!
Growing up, my Dad, brother and I, all memorized Luke 2:1-30 so that each Christmas Eve we could quote the Christmas story instead of read it together. I have such great memories of all of us stumbling through parts of the passages when our memories would struggle. That’s when my sister would help us along by reading the next few verses.
How do you celebrate Christmas Eve? What are your Christmas Eve traditions? I’d love to hear how you celebrate the Night Before Christmas.
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