Monday, November 26, 2012

Rx Timer Cap! No more forgotten medicine doses! Closed

My oldest son who is 7 years old has been on medication for Epilepsy since he was 20 months old! When I got the offer for The RxTimer CapTM! I was super excited!! We try really hard to stay on top of it and I typically have an alarm set in my phone for his medication times but as a mommy of 3, bad cell phone luck and typical technology issues things do not always follow through as I hope! Having a backup option like the timer cap is gonna be handy!

The bottle tops have a stop watch on them...

So if you open it and then wonder, is it time to take my meds? did I take my meds today? you simply look at the stop watch and it will tell you how long it has been since you last opened the pill bottle! The picture above says it's been 12 hours and 1 minute since you last opened the bottle.

To be excited about something like this may sound silly unless you have a very important condition such as Epilepsy and anything I can get to help us remember makes me excited like Christmas!! When my son opened it he was excited and said "I will never forget when I took my medicine" and the last few days that we have been using it have been great!!

Somethings that shocked me when I was researching on this product is that medication noncompliance is responsible for 125,000 deaths a year (twice as many as auto accidents) and has been estimated to cost our country $290 billion annually in total direct and indirect healthcare costs!

Here are some FAQ's that tell you more about the product!

How long does the battery last?
The battery is designed to operate the cap so it will last up to one year in continuous operation or two years in standby. Batteries cannot be changed since the cap was designed to be disposable.
What if I don’t like my Rx Timer CapTM?
All Rx Timer Caps come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the product for any reason, just return the cap for replacement or full refund within 30-days of purchase. Contact Us at any time for more information.
Is the Rx Timer CapTM Child-Proof?
The Rx Timer CapTM is only available in Child Resistant Closures (CRCs) to fit common prescription vials.

Available Online Now: The RxTimer CapTM!
The Rx Timer CapTM is a pill bottle with a digital timer on the cap that shows the amount of time it’s been since you’ve last taken your prescription medication.

Perfect tool for managing your medicine, the simple timer on the cap works like a stopwatch, counting the time since your medication was last taken, and resetting itself every time the container is opened.

This easy and simple-to-use healthcare tool helps patients take medication on-time, according to the doctor’s prescription.
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TRIAL SIZES   Individual: $9.95  •  2-Pack: $14.95
REGULAR ORDERS   4-Pack: $19.95  •  10-Pack: $39.95  •  20-Pack: $69.95
FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING for all TRIAL SIZES and 20-Pack ORDERS! All items shipped USPS Priority Mail. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

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  1. I love the fact that it is still child proof.

  2. I looked at the site, and thought it was a fantastic idea!!! I know that I often have either forgotten to take meds, or not remembered if I had taken a dose or not. This is great and such a wonderful idea.
    Joni O

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  4. Good that it's chldproof-I totally need this reminder!

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  9. I am on a medication right now that makes me so drowsy I can nor remember when I took it, this is such a great thing. Love that it would fit right on the bottle.

  10. I love this idea. Especially with more than one sick child and trying to remember what time you gave which one which etc... Recently two of mine had strep and a fever, a cap like that would have come in handy. It't nice that they provide the vials in case the cap does not fit yours.

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  12. I learnt that it has proven to improve patient medication adherence by as much as 34 percent.

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  13. I learned that at least 7000 deaths are blamed on medicine errors annually

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