Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Coach Back Pack Review from Lulu's Bags

A little over a year ago I was facebook searching and came across a great shopping option!  Lulu's Bags! She has just about everything you can think of from sun glasses, to womens clothes, mens jackets, mens shoes, womens shoes, and bags ofcourse! Everything I have gotten from Lulu's Bags has been great quality!! I am completely addicted to Amber's sales, discounts, fast shipping and great customer service! 

This time I got a backpack for my son and let him pick it out! He was super excited when it came in the mail and immediately started wearing it, even out of school! He says that it is comfy on his shoulders and he loves that he can adjust the straps.

This year he was not the happiest camper about going back to school because he wanted a cool backpack and cool clothes (for Fridays) but we couldn't find anything that wasn't covered in skulls or cool enough for him! But on the first day of school! This was him!

Stop by and check out her products and let her know I sent ya!
Where to buy: - Just leave your size and paypal email on the image of the item you want and she will invoice you at the end of the day! That simple!

Be sure to keep an eye on her recent status updates, they reveal the current discounts!! Which is OFTEN!
Tara Todd
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  1. Checked it out. There's a great selection of items there! Love that back pack by the way, super cute!

  2. My 10 yr old is terrible on backpacks. He goes through a couple a year. I'll have to check these out.


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